The Work Of This Russian Embroidery Artist Will Leave You Mesmerized

Can't describe how beautiful this is in words, you are not alone!!

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For someone who can only draw hills and flowers and can stitch the buttons of her shirt, embroidery is equivalent to Da Vinci’s paintings!

So, when I first read that an artist is embroidering beautiful landscapes, my first reaction was, this is utterly impossible. But when I saw the photos, I couldn’t believe that an artist has actually embroidered detailed landscapes.

This Russian Artist Vera Shimunia, has mastered the art of embroidery painting. She uses thread and needles to create beautiful landscapes.

She uses a wide variety of colours and textures to show the different terrains. The use of different colours and textures also shows a sort of a movement in her art.

Using different kinds of threads, Vera shows various shades of the mountains, the sky and the sea. Vera very cleverly uses vibrant coloured threads to show the different moods of nature. 

Embroidery is an art form that is pushing its boundaries and evolving rapidly in Russia. This is evident from Vera’s unique and creative embroidery ideas.

Have a look, and be prepared to be spellbound!

Can't describe how beautiful this is in words, you are not alone!!

information and images sourced from boredpanda

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