Live Up Little Things - Dice Media's Message For 2017

In the Rush of Living, We forget to Live

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After Rahul-Anjali, Prem-Nisha and Raj-Simran, Dhruv and Kavya of Dice Media's Little Things are definitely going down history as one of the most lovable onscreen couples!
After making us laugh it it hurt for over a year, Dice Media surprised us (and itself) with Little Things, their super-cute series featuring the very charming Dhruv Sehgal and the absolutely adorable Mithila Palkar as Momo and Kavu. Of all the on-screen couples ever, these two struck a rather rare chord in the audience-the chord of reality. They could easily be people next door, your neighbours, your friends or even you!
Dhruv and Kavya are a regular couple, doing regular things together in a not-so-regular way. The series focuses on moments of everyday lives and shows how important it is to enjoy each moment with ease.
From bad work-days, quarter life crisis, career concerns to GoT spoilers, the duo experienced everything that could possibly disturb harmony. But with a little love, even the worst situations felt like a cakewalk. 
Beautifully shot, this web series not only gets full points for the story and acting but also for good cinematography and some amazing graphic art!
After raising eyebrows and laughs over the big things like beef ban, corruption, moral policing, environment change and politics all year round, Dice Media ended the year on a soulful, soothing note. After all, it's the little things that matter. Much love to Dice Media for defining, refining and re-defining love in a world full of flings. 
Make sure you catch all their episodes on Youtube before the year ends!

Dice Media | Little Things (Web Series) | S01E01 - '#FOMO'

Dice Media | Little Things (Web Series) | S01E02 - 'Have A Nice Day'

Dice Media | Little Things (Web Series) | S01E03 - 'Good Night'

Dice Media | Little Things (Web Series) | S01E04 - 'Thank You'

Dice Media | Little Things (Web Series) | S01E05 - 'Here We Go!'

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