Having a Ruff Day? 10 Life Situations Perfectly Captured in Dog Pictures

Check Out best day to day situations captured in dog's picture

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Because our furry friends keep it real.

1. That feeling when you have been vegetarian for a week:

2. When your mother thinks it’s cold outside:

3. When your friends catch scent of the 500 bucks in your wallet:

4. Friend’s wedding selfie with the entire batch of 2004:

5. "I TOLD you guys I don’t want to celebrate my 30th birthday!":

6. When you and your brother spot the last chocolate rum ball in the fridge:

7. When BF doesn’t look up from his game:

8. When you are called to babysit your nephew:

9. When you and your girls spot McDreamy from 2nd floor in the parking lot:

10. When you wake up every morning and wonder which century you are in:

Got any funny stories about your pet? Share with us in the Comments and have a pawsome Tuesday! 

All images sourced from funnydogsite

Title Image: live-av

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