Rosogulla Completes 150 Years! Biopic To Be Made On The Inventor

The film will mark the anniversary of the GI tag and the 150th year on the sweet.

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In the recent bitter-sweet battle for Rosogulla’s Geographical Indication (GI) tag, Bengal emerged as a mighty winner, taking away the sweet from the bitter (read: Odisha).

Celebrating this little victory is a Kolkata-based director, Pavel is all set to make a biopic on Nobin Chandra Das, the inventor of this iconic sweet. Das, a sweetmeat maker by profession, is said to have created Rosogulla in 1868. Thus, 2018 will also mark 150th birth anniversary of this sweet treat.

The film will go on floors in 2018 and will hit the theatres in December, next year.

The movie will be released with the namesake title of the sweet and will be produced by Windows Production. Pavel, the director of the film is a critically acclaimed director who’s film Babar Naam Gandhiji (Father’s name is Gandhiji) had garnered him many accolades.

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Nandita Roy, one of the founder- producers of Windows Production, while speaking to HT, said that the concept of this film was ideated almost two years ago .

 “We felt that something needs to be done to make people aware of rosogolla’s inventor,” Nandita said.

She also added that even though the film will revolve around Nobin Chandra Das, it will also highlight everything about rosogolla, right from its evolution to the Bengali’s sentiments attached to it.

The glam quotient of the movie will be the sass of rosogulla and not any famous movie star.

While stressing that no noted names will be associated with the movie, she said, “Through this film, we will also launch new acting talents, the search for which is already on.”

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In the past, Nandita, along with Shiboprasad Mukherjee have churned out some of the biggest hits in the Bangla film industry. Some of their creations are Posto (2017), Praktan (2016), Belaseshe (2015) and Icche (2011).

Exuding his true Bengali spirit, Pavel said he was always confident on Bengal winning the Rosogulla battle.

“Rosogolla was always Bengal’s and it has been proved,” he said.

Nobin Chandra Das’ great-great-grandson Dhiman Das said, “Nobin Chandra Das invented the sweet in 1868. He was trying to come up with a new sweet for a number of years before he came up with it. He never thought of trying for a patent on the sweet but taught confectioners how to prepare it.”

The Das family are a recognised family in the state’s sweetmeat industry for its claim on the invention of Rosogulla by Nobin Chandra Das.

It was in 2015 that the Mamata Banerjee administration applied for the GI authentication.

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