Here’s How Rosesh Sarabhai Lost 10 Kg in 3 Months That Too Without Any Exercise!

Rajesh Kumar shed 10 kilos in 3 months just to get fit in his popular character Rosesh Sarabhai.

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He talks weirdly, he pretends to be a great theater actor and above all, he thinks that he is a splendid poet. But despite that, he is our all time favourite Sarabhai vs Sarabhai character. 

We cannot deny the fact that we all are ardent fans of Sarabhai and are super excited to watch the next instalment of the season 2. All the characters of this show carry their unique personality on-screen and to maintain this Rajesh Kumar had to put down his weight by 10 kg and this remarkable achievement took 3 months.

Here’s how he did it:

In past few years, Rajesh gained a lot of weight and couldn’t really manage it as he was suffering from an injury. Despite the hindrances that came his way, Rajesh shed few kilos and is now fit as a fiddle. The weight loss venture wasn’t that easy as it sounds, he had to completely stop eating junk food and had to switch to healthier food- most probably home food prepared by his wife.

He recently posted his weight loss journey on social media website and shared his gratitude towards his nutritionist and dietician Grace Kapoor from VLCC.

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This was not all! He also shared a video of Angamardhana, a fitness routine rooted in yoga on Facebook.

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According to Rajesh’s nutritionist Grace, the diet plan was simple and healthy. It had 5-6 small meals to be consumed throughout the day. By doing so, your body tends to burn calories in a fast way. To enhance the weight loss one must do rigour exercises but Rajesh injuries didn’t allow him to. So, whenever possible he went for short walks and did very little exercise and successfully accomplished such an impossible looking task in the span of 3 months.

So to all the naysayers who have loads of reasons for not going to gym and avoiding junk, here is a motivator who did it with dedication and expects you to do the same.

Information source: food.ndtv

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