A Sudden Stoppage Of Roller Coaster Ride Made The Riders Dangling In The Air, Upside Down

The incident occurred in Drayton Manor Theme Park which is in Mile Oak, England

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The only thing that can drag you away from your bummed up work schedule is a small planned excursion with your family. And so, one fine day some group of families and friends walked into an amusement park of Mile Oak, England with an attempt to spend a fun and thrilling time.

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But never in the wildest of their dreams, they would’ve thought that something so unusual and unexpected thing will happen to them.

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While everyone was amidst the exuberant thrill, the roller coaster suddenly stopped mid-ride, leaving people dangling upside down.

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The spine-chilling incident made the bystanders capture a 20-second video. In an attempt to fetch the attention, the helpless passengers threw their hands in the air and waved for help.

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While everyone was safely evacuated, the onlookers posted pictures and videos on social media. The ride was then stopped at the top of a loop, fairly high off the ground.

Information source: inshorts, ndtv

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