Role Reversal Is Needed And Now It Has Been Proven

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A new study by University of Connecticut has proven what many of us have been debating for a long time. It is indeed time for a role-reversal for men and women when it comes to professional matters.

Let’s take the simplest of examples. That of a man, who because of the diktats placed on him by the society and the likes gets up early in the morning, groggily gets himself to an office to one of the identical buildings in a city, survives the day through several cups of coffee and/or cigarettes and then comes back home dead-tired to his bones, only to go back to sleep. And let us not forget the brave woman who stays at home; as a “homemaker”, a derivative term; sometimes as a choice and many other times as a compulsion, raises children, fends for her family, and in many cases never get the due she deserves.

Now imagine swapping these roles. Would it not make both the genders happier?

It indeed did in the study cited above. It concludes that men who take a primary breadwinner role in relationships tend to suffer from poor emotional and physical health, but women thrive in that same position. As you might imagine, those finding are connected to the sociological pressures of archaic gender roles. Men believe that they are required, by custom or tradition, to earn money and support their family alone. Women, on the other hand, have been prevented from excelling in the workplace thanks to misogyny, both overt and covert. The frankly stupid idea that women’s achievements don’t count, lingers even in 2016.

Source: JCount

There’s a dearth of female entrepreneurs, film-directors, organization heads and the likes despite what you may want to believe. The glass ceiling is there. There are cracks in it, for sure, but there’s no chip, yet.

So, what’s the solution? Simple! It is imperative for educated men like ourselves to understand that if we are, truthfully, not good at something professionally, it is time to move on and give the chance to do better to a woman who is much more deserving of the same. The sky truly is the limit when you let go of the toxicity of hyper-masculinity. There’s nothing to prove anymore to anyone. Let it rest. Stop lingering, retire, grow a beard, raise children, be happy. End of story.

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