Roger Federer Faces Four Top 10 Opponents On His Way To The Elusive 18th Grand Slam

Though Murray and Djokovic stilll reign supreme, they are nowhere near invincible as before, making this anyone's tournament.

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This topic never ends. Another year has arrived and we still can't write off 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer as one of the favourites to win the Australian Open. One might be forgiven for thinking that this man simply doesn't age. At least not like the rest of us. However, the competetion at the top is tougher than ever with Federer facing one of his toughest challenges to date.

No, its not in terms of any big individual player but its the number of those that he has to face. Ranked 17th(!) in the World, he faces four top ten opponents on his path to a potential 18th Grand Slam. His win in the Hopman Cup might tell you that he is up for the challenge but the high level of competitiveness and unpredictability present in the current era of tennis makes it very difficult to call the winner. Leading the charge is Murray, who retained his Number 1 ranking after defeating Djokovic in World Tour Finals last year. Nadal, too, makes his comeback but is seeded ninth, making the lower round matches all the more interesting for the viewers.

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