Rock Or Pop? Know What Your Favorite Genre Tells About You!

When you are sad,you like soft melodies,When you are happy ,you like those tunes that lift you up.So read with us to know what your genre says about you:

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Just like when you are sad, you like to listen to soft melodies that make you reminiscent some distant memories or when you are happy, you listen to those tunes that lift you off your feet. Your current playlist speaks of your current mood. But in general, we all have a genre that we prefer to listen than others. Some love metal and can’t take pop while others love rock and can’t take classical melodies. A research in Psychology suggests that your personality is portrayed and reflected through your favorite genre or the playlist lurking on your iPod. So read with us to know what your genre says about you:

1. Pop

If Rihanna, Selena and Swift make up your playlist mix, then there are chances that you are honest, conventional and hardworking. Being a pop lover, you are outgoing, sociable and you have high self-esteem. You worry too much and get uneasy and you know how use the top charts to regulate your mood often.

2. Rock and heavy metal

Researches show that fans of heavy rock music portray aggressive behavior, but they might as well possess a gentle core to themselves. If you are a rock fan, you fall under this. Being creative, you are open to new experiences as well as you are intense and energetic. You might lack self-esteem and often get self-centered but you can trade it off with your hard work and easy going behavior.

3. Hip hop

If you love Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, then you are energetic and rhythmic when it comes to this genre. You are an extreme extrovert and have high self-esteem. This might induce an aggressive and violent behavior but you also tend to possess a soft and hidden side of yours that nobody gets to see. You love social aspects of music and music can be your much needed escape.

4. Jazz, soul and blues

You are open minded, deep thinker, reflective and possess highly creative abilities. Having qualities of an extrovert, you take new experiences and other workload liberally. Deep thinking might take you to those dreadful spaces you don’t want to go, but music is always there to bring you back home.

5. Country music

You are hardworking, conventional and high on empathy. Modesty can be something to define you over the blurred lines of your agreeable and compassionate behavior. You are emotionally stable but you can also be conservative. This behavior makes you less open to your choices towards other music and art.

6. Classical music

You are creative, introvert and have a good sense of self-esteem. You are at ease with yourself and everyone else around, as well as you are smarter than the lot out there. You are liberal, conservative as well as creative.

So next time at the first meet with someone, you can get to know a lot by just asking them about their taste in music!

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