Robot 2.0 Beats Baahubali 2! It is officially The Costliest Indian Film Ever

Clash of the titans!

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Kattaappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara?

Now Robot 2.0 will probably have the answer!

Because yes! Rajnikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer Robot 2.0 has replaced Baahubali 2 as the most expensive film in India.

To date Baahubali 2 was rated as the costliest movie with a budget of Rs. 250 crore but S. Shankar’s Robot 2.0 is now being made at an approximate cost of over 350 crore.

Trade analyst Amul Mohan said, “I have heard that the budget of 2.0 is Rs 350 crore. It’s a big statement of intent from the South industry. We, in Mumbai, are struggling to make movies at a fraction of that amount. But the budget of 2.0 makes sense as the first film was a worldwide success. And when Rajinikanth teams up with Akshay Kumar, you always know it is going to be a bigger player. But having said that, 2.0 is not a big budget film by Hollywood standards. Rs 350 crore, when compared to a Hollywood film, is nothing, given today’s currency exchange rate. But if anybody can pull it off here, it’s Shankar."

Another trade exhibitor Akshaye Rathi was of the opinion, “2.0 will be counted as among the most expensive films in India because of its super expensive VFX, robots and all kinds of creatures. Baahubali 2’s landing cost will be Rs 175-180 crore (approx)”.

But other than the economics, there is enough reason as to why these movies are so high budget. While Baahubali starring Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati and Tamannah is basking on the glory of its prequel’s tremendous success, 2.0 will see the stalwarts Rajni Sir and Akshay Kumar lock horns along with A R Rehman and a lot of graphics and VFX.

So while Baahubali will quench our queries in mid-April, Robot 2.0 will hit the theatres only next Diwali as per their plan.

So hold on to your breath India!

Title image: Thehansindia

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