8 Characters Who Could Be The Right King (Or Queen) For The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Universe

The Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens, and even Greyjoys fight it out here!

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The Seven Kingdoms are tough to rule. There has always been instability and turmoil, though it was less pronounced in the pre-Targaryen era.

Kingdoms in Westeros are basically a bunch of hyperactive kindergarten kids who always find ways to whip up a riot.

Needless to say, they need a ruler who is diplomatic and level-headed enough to keep the peace, and who can also wield a Longsword like nobody’s business, should the kids get a little too fidgety.

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We tried considering various characters from the Game of Thrones universe for the uncomfortable Iron Throne, and here is who we think would be the King/Queen that Westeros needs, in no particular order.

(Disclaimer: We have evaluated currently living or resurrected characters as they are portrayed in the series, not the books. We are also keeping aside the question of claim, that is, we are looking for the right king, not the rightFUL one. Might contain spoilers.)

1. Jon Snow

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The reigning favourite contender for the Iron Throne, Jon Snow has quite a few qualities that make him fit to be King. He is one of the few influential people in Westeros who are aware of the perils that Winter will bring (read: tall scary dudes with icy-blue contact lenses). He has, time and again, proved his skill in battle, and swings the Valyrian Longclaw well enough to kill an Other.

On the other hand, the politics and mind games at Castle Black were tame compared to the intrigue in the rest of King’s Landing. And Jon Snow has often been seen to throw caution to the winds when emotionally charged. We think the Red Keep would be a little too… vibrant… for Jon’s liking.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

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This is one badass lady who truly wants to be Queen. She has the loyalty of her khalasar, and those cutesy little fire-breathing pets called dragons are ever ready to ‘Dracarys’ anything in Mommy’s way.

Which is not good news for Westeros because Dany is also said to have inherited her father’s madness. Daenerys responds to threats as calmly as, say, Lysa Arryn and shows no remorse for roasting people alive. Her occupation of Meereen is proof that she enjoys a power trip, and has zero connection to the people she rules over, and is clueless about governance or respecting diverse cultures. Not very Queen - material, that.

3. Sansa Stark

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We know, Winterfell’s Princess has more than her fair share of haters. But the way she has transformed from a Joffrey fangirl to a lady capable of inverting the outcome of the Battle of the Bastards is awe-inducing.

Sansa Stark has been groomed to be a noble lady. She knows how to strike a connection with subjects, as is evident in her popularity with nobility in King’s Landing as well as the common folk of Winterfell. She may never have swung a sword, but her tenacity and new-found diplomatic skill suggests that she could very capably command an army with the help of good generals.

Not to mention, our souls travelled to Heaven and back when she unleashed those hounds on Ramsay!

4. Jaime Lannister

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Another character who went from murdering children “for love” to discovering his conscience for the better, Jaime Lannister is so obviously a potential King that all discussion just seems pointless.

He is a renowned warrior, a doting father (we know what you’re thinking, just let that pass for a moment) and very adept at negotiation. Refer to his menacing threat to Edmure Tully which leads House Tully to surrender Riverrun.

He is, however, ill-equipped to deal with White Walkers, as yet. But if this wild but oddly convincing theory is true, then tackling White Walkers should be a piece of lemon cake for him.

5. Tyrion Lannister

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We are all rooting for the Imp to come out of the Game of Thrones unscathed - except for the gash on his face from Blackwater, of course. And we have good, undisputable reasons to consider Tyrion as the King of Westeros.

He has brains, which has served him in good stead on multiple occasions. He cannot wield a weapon to save his life but he can (like ex-wifey Sansa) strategize and command an army.

More importantly, he is genuinely concerned about good governance and people’s welfare, as demonstrated by his stint as Hand of the King. If we discount for his physical vulnerabilities, he is the King that could finally bring some stability to Westeros.

6. Euron Greyjoy

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The guy is a kinslaying maniac, but his skills in naval warfare are the stuff of legends. He is an able commander, albeit a ruthless one, and Westeros looks like it could use some disciplining with an iron hand (see what we did there?).

The actor, Pilou Asbaek teased that the series-Euron might have the Dragonbinder that the book-Euron has, and if subsequent episodes incorporate this detail from the book, then Euron might very well be a force to reckon with, perhaps even someone who could influence the White Walkers!

7. Yara Greyjoy

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The other Greyjoy on our list is normal, by Iron Island standards, and a thorough badass. She commands her own fleet and the loyalty of her men. She effectively forges an alliance with Dany. Yara Greyjoy is grounded, courageous and cunning.

She would be the perfect Queen for Westeros with her zero tolerance for bullcrap and hands-on way of doing things, but we suspect she would be more at home on the high seas. We just don’t see her spend all day on the Iron Throne listening to councillors crib or hosting genteel dinners for the more, refined (?) aristocracy of Westeros.

8. Petyr Baelish

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The only man other than Varys who can see the bigger picture, Petyr Baelish is power hungry and a tactician par excellence.

However, it does not take a Maester to figure out that Littlefinger is not exactly a benevolent son of the soil, regardless of his humble origins. He is a schemer through and through, and even thrives when things are in royal disarray. Chaos is a ladder, remember?

And we feel that while Petyr Baelish might actually get the power he has craved for years, he would be a terrible king and would probably instigate rebellions himself, just out of boredom.

So our final pick, of these eight would be Jaime, closely followed by Tyrion, Sansa and Jon.

Have we missed out a potential King/Queen? Let us know in the Comments!

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