Once A School Dropout, This Rickshaw-Puller Has Established Nine Schools In His Village!

A rare personality, indeed!

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In India, the most common reason why people drop out of school is poverty.For the majority, the struggle to earn daily bread and butter is so hard that getting something done for the society is out of the question.

However, Ahmed Ali, once a school dropout and now rickshaw-puller from Madhurbond village of Assam has done a commendable job by establishing not one but nine schools in his village.

Ali is on a mission to educate the kids of his village, who are facing some kind of financial crisis. 

Source: Facebook

He started his very first school in 1978 after selling off his land and collecting small amounts of money from the villagers.

Since then, Ali never looked back and over the course of the last four decades, he successfully established eight more schools. Out of the nine schools, three are lower primary, five are middle schools and there is a high school as well!  

After successfully setting up nine schools Ali now wants to set up a college in his village. 

“I am getting old and want to make my village a developed one through education. Illiteracy is a sin, the root cause of all ills. Most families face problems because of lack of education," The Telegraph quoted Ali. 

Patherkandi MLA Krishnendu Paul recently felicitated Ali for his lifelong efforts of spreading education in the village and adjoining areas.

Praising Ali's humanitarian work, Paul called him a “rare personality". He also announced Rs 11 lakh for the development of Ahmed Ali High School from the multi-sectoral development programme fund under the Union ministry of minority affairs.

Information Source: TheBetterIndia

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