Richa Chadda Comes To Fawad's Rescue

Fawad was asked about the cultural differences between India and Pakistan, actress Richa Chadda interjected with a very logical answer.

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Being a celebrity is difficult and a tiresome job. Being an actor who is immensely popular, more so. There are situations that often put an actor in a tight spot. Especially when they’re asked questions that are related to their personal beliefs and not based off their on-screen personas.

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan recently found himself at the receiving end of a particularly awkward question that was asked to him by a reporter in Melbourne, Australia. He was asked about the cultural differences between India and Pakistan, particularly with regards to the cinema, i.e. how Bollywood boldly showcases "kissing scenes" onscreen whereas it is still a taboo in the industry across the border.

But before it could have got uncomfortable for him, actress Richa Chadda, who was also present at the event interjected with a very logical answer.

She responded by citing the colonial past that divided the two countries but there’s no difference as far as the people are concerned. She said that because she hails from North India; she was born in Amritsar; it is easier for her to connect with Fawad or somebody hailing from Pakistani Punjab than it wold be for a person hailing from Tamil Nadu and vice versa. She continued by saying that the whole intent of creating art is that it does not have any borders and it should be respected as such.

Watch the video that showcases the QnA:

Richa’s efforts are truly laudable!

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