These Cuts To 'Xander Cage' Prove That The CBFC's Priorities Are Really F**ked Up

The Vin Diesel-Deepika Padukone action flick could not entirely avoid passing unscathed from the CBFC's scalpel.

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*sprinkles Gangajal on self and makes 7 revolutions around a cow before writing about videshi film*

As audiences celebrate the release of XXX: The Return of Xander Cage in India today, the deletions to the film by our sanskaari Censor Board have been doing the rounds on Twitter. While you won't miss much, the kind of cuts sure makes us wonder what these messiahs of Indian culture are smoking:


Along with the radically original and effective decision of adding a precautionary warning with all smoking scenes, 8 second-long visuals of girls lying on the bed and 4-second-long visuals of girls pouring liquor have been deleted. We haven't seen the film yet but obviously the Censor Board's precious little ears were spared of the agony of having to listen to words like "asshole", "baller" and "fucking". 

Once again, the CBFC has laid out before us the morally correct way of doing things like sleeping and drinking.

All we have to say is, 

Title image: youtube

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