Retired Colonel Kapre Wants The Youth To Join The Army

At Present Retd Colonel Kapre is working as director of American company dealing with radio frequency techniques at Nagpur.He Wants The Youth To Join army.

Retd Colonel Kapre, Colonel Kapre, Nagpur, Indian Army

At Present he is working as director of one American company dealing with radio frequency techniques at Nagpur.

Q1: What motivated you into joining the Indian Army?

Answer: I was quite active in my school with NCC. it was during those days that i became infatuated with uniforms, Late Dr. Ashok Kaikini used to head the NCC department of my school and it was him who motivated me to get into SSB in 1970. 80 people were able to clear those exams out of which only 3 were selected and I was one of them. it was only in later stage of my life that I realized that it wasn’t just an infatuation, it was something more. My deep seeded love for uniforms drove me to take up life of an army man. I joined the army in 1970 as a lieutenant and retired as colonel in 2005. Since retiring i have been living out my retired life here in Nagpur as my father already had a house here, so i decided to settle in with him.

Q2: What was your best memory in your time in the army?

Answer: In 1970, i was posted at Burma border, it was in Burma i spent some of my best days. As i recall my past i can definitely call them the best memory i had being in the army. It was there when we fought the war, we were sent to siliguri border to fend off the pakistani offensive and push them back. I was in the veterinary wing of army. I commanded the biggest unit in Babugaol, located near meerut, is the place where we used to breed mules. I have visted places like Belgium, France, England in Europe. There i was sent to purchase female horse stallions ,dogs (Alsatian and labradors), mares, horse stallions, Donkey mares and Donkey Stallions.

Q3: Now-a-days, there is some reluctance in the young generation when it comes to joining the army. What do you think is the reason behind this and how can they be motivated to join the forces?

Answer: Life is tough in the army that is true but you won’t find a better culture. Army broadens your vision. You can learn a great deal about life from the army and i think it’s something youngsters should not ignore. Everyone must join the army, it will give you an experience like no other profession can give. People have developed reluctance because of a myth that suggest army is a dangerous place, However it is not true at all. More people have lost their lives to road accidents than in the army. These things should be taught in schools. People should be educated about the army and how things have been improved. It’s true that things were scary once but that is not the case anymore, army provides a safer life with better compensation and more. People should say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ If they are true patriots, here in army it’s our warcry.

Q4: How do you compare the Indian Army against other leading forces in the world?

Answer: Indian army needs better technology, significant advancements are needed to better equip our soldiers. Other than that Indian army lacks nowhere. We have the best physically conditioned and mentally indestructible soldiers. My chest swells with pride when i say that Indian army is the best in the world and i was a part of it.

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