These Restaurants Took The Art Of Serving Food To A Totally Different Level

Serving food and garnishing it the same way as others seem to have become a thing of yesterday.

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With food porn trending all around the world, the restaurants which serve such food are now trying their hands on playing with the serving pattern of it. In an attempt to become a ‘hipster’, these restaurants have taken food presentation to all a new different level. Look for yourself:

1. The Goblet of Scotch Egg

2. All under one roof, quite literally!

3. To eat or to drink, that’s the question

4. A wholesome breakfast served in a shovel

5. Salad rimmed with an upside - down glass

6. A bookshelf arranged with cookies, breads and pastries

7. Food on wheels, literally

8. Is the juice made or do reswe need to take the efforts?

9. Meat slices sprawled over the skirt

10. A golden chair for placing a sliced strawberry!

Information source: boredpanda

Image source: boredpanda

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