Resham Gave Us Some Life Goals By Merely Looking At Her Post- Acid Attack Snaps

She knocked down her fear and bravely rose from what was once sabotaged.

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Life can be harsh sometimes, right? We struggle, we lose hope, we rise again, conquer and sometimes we topple back again from where we started.

Well, life does give us second chances but it is own you, how you perceive it and make the most of this opportunity. Resham Khan is one such lady, who unlike others didn’t lose hope and faith, she rose bravely and healed what once was badly damaged.

Source: metro

Resham was 21 when she had faced the gruesome acid attack and needless to say her life would have gone topsy-turvy after that incident. No matter how intensified the incident was, the lady didn’t’ let her courage and spirit bog down; she stood with it and fearlessly fought with it.

Her beautiful transformation post-attack has given us new goals, and as you scroll down and you’ll see a beautiful face with a beautiful soul. And this time, even Twitterati stood by to appreciate her beauty.



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