Researchers Find That Majority Of People Fail To Answer The Right Lowercase Of Letter ‘G’

Gali, the graduate researcher says that people have seen this letter millions of time but still they can't recognize the right one.

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What’s so unique about the letter “G” you might wonder?

So here's a fun activity for you. Try looking at the lowercase of the alphabet G and tell us what according to you the correct form is?

Confused fellas?

This experiment was done at John Hopkins University by the research team and was published in this week’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance. The experiment turned out to be a fun. It hit the nail on the head when it was found that many participants failed to identify the lowercase of ‘G’.

Well, if you have a notepad and a pen nearby, then try drawing the lowercase ‘G’ yourself. Unfortunately what we’ve been taught in our schools isn’t really helping us now!

In the experiment, the participants were asked to choose one from the four options and interestingly they all thought they picked the right one. Cognitive researchers from Johns Hopkins University explained the reason behind it in the following video.

Figuring out what the right answer is? Well, here it is!

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