Remembering ‘The Venus of Indian Cinema’ Madhubala On Her Birth Anniversary

On Madhubala's birth anniversary, we bring you some of her best hits including the all-time-great 'Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya'.

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Madhubala it’s not just a name for Indian cinema, she is a never ending era. Her mesmerising beauty can’t be expressed in words. Many poems, songs, quotes have been written to verbalise her beauty but, one cannot eulogise the beauty of Madhubala in words. She was named Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi by her parents, which was later changed to Madhubala.

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When we think of Madhubala we all can just say that god must have created her with his own hands! Unfortunately, Madhubala’s life was not as beautiful as her personality. Her father Ataullah Khan moved to the dream city Bombay to test his luck with the little seven-year-old daughter Mumtaz. Mumtaz aka Madhubala always wanted to act in films. She was very fascinated by the films, studios, acting etc.


The tables turned and due to poor financial condition of the family, Madhubala had to work, and she featured in Bombay Talkies’ Basant. And that is how this peerless beauty became the only bread maker for her family at a very tender age of nine.

This gorgeous heroine of Indian Cinema was also remembered as ‘The Venus of Indian Cinema’.


The World knows her as a serious actor, but besides her in-depth personality, she had a hidden funny bone inside her; she couldn’t stop herself once she started laughing.

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Many people don’t know the fact that Madhubala was madly in love with Dilip Kumar, her co-star of the 50s with whom she acted in countless hits of the era. But destiny had some other plans for her as she got married to Kishore Kumar in 1960 and Dilip Kumar tied the knot with Saira Banu later on.


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Many of us are unaware of the fact that Hollywood director Frank Capra wanted to cast Madhubala in his film but her father rejected the idea as she ‘can’t eat with forks and spoons’. And as an obedient daughter, she accepted the decision.

This tremendous lady said her goodbye to the world on 23 February 1969, at the age of 36.

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On her birth anniversary, we bring you some mesmerising songs of Madhubala!







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