Remember The Guy From The Scene of ‘Hotel Decent’ From Jab We Met? I Bet You Haven’t Noticed Him On Screen

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Junior artist role are never remembered by anyone, but they are the glimpse of a movie. Their punches, funny faces make a moment laughable. Still after watching a film we talk about them and they are a part of discussion and laughter.

You remember this guy, but I bet you didn’t noticed him after that


He is Teddy Maurya who had nailed a scene of ‘Hotel Decent’ in Jab We Met with his amazing expressions. His dialogue delivery ‘BEAUTY’ that the audience fondly remembers him till date!

Teddy is an art director who has worked on Bollywood projects. Infact, he was working as an art director in Jab We Met.  Teddy turned out to be a saviour for his director. He has been an art director on a few Bollywood projects but being an artist comes naturally to him. He was last seen in the John Abraham starrer, Rocky Handsome, and we loved his work in it.

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Teddy gave his words about acting, he said “ If in future, there is any opportunity to experiment with my own self and the character, I will take it up.”  

We want you as a comedian in more movies Teddy!

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