Reddit User Accused AIB Co-Founder Rohan Joshi Of Molestation, Deleted The Post And Then Called Him A ‘Great Guy’

Rohan Joshi was accused of molestation by an anonymous Reddit user, who later deleted the post and wrote that Rohan Joshi is a great guy.

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Recently, after an unverified article on medium alleging the founder and CEO of The Viral Fever (TVF), Arunabh Kumar, of sexual harassment, spread like a wildfire, another incident involving an anonymous user accusing All India Bakchod (AIB) co-founder, Rohan Joshi on her Reddit, caught everyone's attention:

Source: dnaindia

Rohan took to his Twitter handle to deny the allegation and even called for Mumbai police to investigate the matter:



After few hours the same Reddit user posted another message, marking a complete U-turn:

"I am sorry for my last post. That incident never happened and @mojorojo is a a great guy. I just wanted to expose the schadenfreude in today's world (hence the username) am really really sorry for anyone whom I hurt and it wasn't my intention to do so. We should not believe what indian fowler wrote (sic)."

This confused everyone, including Rohan Joshi himself:

However, both the posts have been removed from the site now.

Title Image: youthkiawaazdnaindia

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