This Red Balloon Dangling Erect From A Gutter Terrified People In Sydney

So far this is one of the best unique yet creative yet scary promotional ideas, one has thought of.

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How would you react, if you stumbled upon a creepy-looking-red balloon tied on a sewer grate? Well, you’ll freak out only if you have read Stephen King’s It.

The novel has been adapted into a movie which is also named It. The movie is assumed to be freakingly scary and in the movie you’ll see a formidable clown holding a red balloon in his hand which he uses to allure children.

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When people living in Sydney noticed the red balloon with a text written on sidewalk- "It is closer than you think", many people got shit scared until they found that this was a promotional technique used by the crew for their upcoming film.

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The strategy they used was extremely brilliant. Running around their own film's USP, they approached the crowd in the most dramatic way. It actually caught a lot many people’s eyes because a red balloon, floating in the air cannot go unnoticed.

Source: boredpanda

The movie will release in India on September 8, 2017.

Check out this chilling trailer if you haven’t watched yet -


Title image: boredpanda

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