Reasons Why Guys Get Friendzoned

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GIRLS always tend to choose the bad guy over the good guy and the good guy always has to pay the price of being too good. The good guys get friendzoned or worse, brozoned and the bad guy takes it all away. So to all the good guys, here’s what you are doing wrong:

1. You are always available

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When you are there for her every time she wants to catch a snack, watch a movie, or worse she wants to cry, you are doing it wrong. Being constantly available will make her take you for granted. Instead, if you are unavailable, she would look forward to seek your attention and your time.

2. You try too hard

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You try too hard to impress her or please her. If you agree with her for every stupid thing she says just for the sake of it, you are only showing that you lack a strong personality. Voice your opinions if she is being too silly or if she doesn’t make sense at all. Don’t try too hard and just be yourself.

3. You never made your intentions clear

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You never indicated that you would like to be otherwise and told her what exactly you want. It doesn’t mean saying everything directly, but it means showing it with your actions and words.

‘I would love it if you came over for dinner’ means that you are into her and ‘do you want to go to dinner?’ means you want to be just friends.

4. You settle for one-sided love

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If you have feelings for her, are always there for her and are supportive to her and she doesn’t do the same, step out of it. If it is one-sided, she will not respect you and will take you for granted. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve or less than what you want.

5. You don’t make the first move

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Step up and do something about your feelings and make the first move. Don’t be afraid of rejection. If she says yes, you win. If she says no, you still win! That way you will be free from wasting your time in a lifeless relationship.

6. You aren’t always interesting

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Lecturing her about everything and giving life lessons isn’t what she will always want. She is looking for some enthusiastic, lively, thrilling and exciting partner and she will never settle for a boring one.

7. You let her friendzone you

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You get friendzoned because you let her friendzone you, it is as simple as that. Don’t let her take advantage of your good-self. Don’t resolve for being ‘just friends’ with her if you want to be something more. Be a man and make it stop.

So guys, what are you waiting for?

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