Reasons Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Important

Sleeping is important for our brain and our heart. It plays an important role in our physical as well as mental health.We will provide you with these reasons

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Sleeping is important for our brain and our heart. It plays an important role in our physical as well as mental health. An average person should sleep for minimum 8 hours. Some might require more than 8 hours of sleep and others might require less. While you may consider the amount of sleep you need every day, we will provide you with these reasons why we should get enough of sleep:

It keeps your brain healthy

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During sleep, your body is encouraging healthy brain function and helps in the growth and development of the body as a whole (Especially in children and teens). It helps you to form new pathways for learning and remembering information. Sleep deficiency may cause trouble in decision making, problem solving and coping with change. It may also affect your emotional intelligence and may directly link to depression.

It keeps you physically active

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Proper sleep can improve physical activity of your body. If you get suitable sleep, your work efficiency might increase, your creativity might develop and your health might improve. Getting less sleep than your body asks for can affect your performance, attention span, working memory, logical reasoning as well as motor skills. A nap of 15–20 minutes can offer many more benefits than sleeping an hour more in the morning.

It keeps you psychologically healthy

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Sleep affects you psychologically and getting proper sleep has a lot to do with your emotional well being. Appropriate hours of sleep can increase mental function, mental health, alertness, ability, mood, behavior, perception levels as well as keeps your mind active. Sleep inculcates emotional intelligence and increases motivation. Sleep deficiency may lead to people having problems coping up with others, depression, moon disturbances as well as an increase stress levels. Many suicide cases have people who are sleep deprived.

Keeps you from the risky diseases

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Less sleep can inculcate heart diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and kidney diseases. Improper sleep may improve the chances of diabetes in a person and can higher the risk of obesity. Sleep is known for maintaining a balance of the hormones which in turn affects our motivation and body system. Sleep largely affects your immune system and protects you from common flues and illnesses.

Getting right amount of sleep at the right times can help you be fit and healthy in all these courses of your body and well being.

Sleep well and stay healthy!

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