Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Friend Like Barney Stinson In Their Life

Barnabus “Barney” Stinson is the name and making everything awesome is his game. A friend like Barney is someone everybody needs in this age.

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Barnabus “Barney” Stinson is the name and making everything awesome is his game. A friend like Barney is someone everybody needs in this age. The guy is not at all mature, even if he is, he hates acting like a grownup. Life for him is all about party, women, booze and repeat. That is it! A friend like him can truly turn a boring day into a day you will always remember.

Even if you haven’t seen the show How I Met Your Mother,you can still find this guy relatable. If the question, Why?. Appears before you then you must go through this article to find out the answer.

1. Never a dull moment

With a friend like him, a dull moment has never happened, and never will. The words “dull” and “Barney” should not be used in the same sentence!

2. Something to look forward to

Always with something up his sleeves. A friend like Barney loves to venture out and do random crazy things. It could be anything, literally anything. People like him do not think, they just do it.

3. Best Party Animal

He will be the life of your party. In fact without him, there can be no party. Barney knows every party place in the city and has intricate details about those places stored in his head. Pretty good show of memory which seems to fail him when it comes to remembering the names of women he went out with!

4. The best bro

He may come out as a creepy sex addict. But Barney does have feelings. He knows how you feel about someone and will go down to any extent to fix things for you. Best bro indeed!

5. Your Permanent Wingman

You never need anybody else when you have Barney with you. The epitome of self-confidence and the biggest ladies’ man ever, he will be there for you and will make sure that you get the girl you want. A wingman like him is a rarity.

6. He’ll always have your back

He’s got your back. He will bug you, annoy you but when it comes to helping you out in need, he’ll be there! Abandoning friends is a taboo for him.

7. Always the one with the crazy sack story

Barney always narrates unrealistic sex stories that no one can ever fathom. Guys like him make time spent with the crew special and really fun.

8. Guy with a “legen...wait for it...dary” sense of humor

He is the one who will make you smile, he is the funny guy of the group.

9. Vibes of Awesomeness

The  very personification of confidence and self-belief, he is that one man whose aura can change the vibe of an entire room just by stepping into it. You will never see him sad and he will make sure that everyone else is having an awesome time as well. Awesome times start here people!

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What are your thoughts on Barney? Wouldn't a friend like him be an invaluable addition to your group?

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