Ravi Jadhav Reacts On 'Nude' Controversy; Calls Out The Double Standards of IFFI

NUDE is selected for the Internationa Film Festival Of India, which will take place in Goa this year from November 20-28th.

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Critically acclaimed Marathi director Ravi Jadhav who won the National Award for his film Balak Palak. Balak Palak which brings strong message as to the importance of sex education. 

Ravi Jadhav, known for his bold satirical films, was recently caught in the controversy surrounding his new film ''NUDE''. NUDE is selected for the Internationa Film Festival Of India, which will take place in Goa this year from November 20-28th.

Sasidharan's Malayalam film S.Durga also faced the wrath of right-wingers in Kerala. It was refused permission at the Mumbai Film Festival in October. Later, Sasidharan was permitted to screen the film after replacing the word SEXY with S.

But it seems as if NUDE has suffered the same fate as ''S. Durga''.
Even after being selected as the opening film at Indian Panorama, whose jury is headed by Sujoy Ghosh, NUDE has not yet been granted approval by Information and Broadcast Ministry. 

Smriti Irani's ministry has failed to offer any explanation. NUDE is the story of a model who cannot disclose to her family how she earns money.  

Commenting on the controversy, Ravi Jadhav took to Facebook. He posted:

ज्या चित्रपटावरून एवढा वाद चाललाय त्या 'न्यूड' चित्रपटाचा हा टीजर. जो वाद होतोय तो खरंच अत्यंत दुर्दैवी व खेदजनक आहे. या चित्रपटात एका कलाकाराच्या कानाखाली मारली जाते जे दुर्दैवाने आता माझ्या बाबतीत खरं ठरतंय. तरीही सर्व कलाकारांसारखा मीही अजून आशावादी आहे. सर्व IFFI ज्युरी, मीडिया व चित्रकर्मी मित्रांचे त्यांच्या पाठिंब्याबद्दल शतशः आभार. मनापासून केलेला हा चित्रपट आहे. टीजर आवडला तर नक्की शेअर करा. कमेंटमध्ये youtube लिंक टाकत आहे.

This is the teaser of the film 'Nude, the film that got striked out by the I&B ministry thus giving rise to debate and controversy. What's been happening in the last few days is highly disappointing. In this film, in a particular sequence an artist gets slapped, unfortunately I feel like that reel artist who was at the receiving end... Yet I feel hopeful and optimistic like all other artists.

I am very greatful to IFFI jury, media and my friends from the industry for supporting me.

I have sincerely made this film, if you like the teaser do share it. The YouTube link is available in the comment section.

Watch the trailer here: 

Let's hope IFFI respects the mandate of the selection committee. 

Information source: thereel.scroll

Cover image source: hindustantimes 

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