Rashami Desai And Sidharth Shukla Talk About Surrogacy, Link-Up Rumours And More

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Surrogacy may have been a prevalent practice for a while now. But even with the society embracing modernity in its thinking; mindsets changing, better medical facilities being made-available; surrogacy is still not a numero-uno option for many. A child carrier and the option to go for it is still looked down upon and gossiped about. Some consider it as immoral and some, unacceptable.

With India legalizing surrogacy, it has now become world’s leading surrogacy destination, where foreigners are frequently seeking a child carrier. In India however, it is seen as a form of soliciting a woman’s body, which is somewhat related to prostitution. There is also a debate around surrogacy being a kind of organ donation.

Taking the lead to shatter some of these prevailing myths and bringing to light the intricacies revolving around a couple opting for surrogacy and the carrier of the child, a leading television channel, Colors has started a new serial - Dil Se Dil Tak.

On their recent visit to Nagpur, we caught up with the lead actors of the show- Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai- who play a couple who have to resort to surrogacy. Here are the excerpts of their a candid interview with these two stars:

You’re working in a serial which deals with surrogacy. What’s your take on it?

Sidharth: We completely support surrogacy, because a couple face many problems due to not having kids and if there is an option of surrogacy why not adopt that?

Rashami: I think as an actor we have some responsibilities towards society and if we see something happening in our society which needs to be changed, then we should come forward. There are many women in the society who cannot conceive a child, although adoption is a very good and noble option, but if a couple wants their own child with their DNA, then surrogacy is anyway a good alternative.  

The story of this serial is something that the audience has seen before in a Bollywood movie. Did you, as an artist feel constrained doing something which has already been presented to the audience?

Sidharth: Well, at the end of the day I am actor, an artist. I do projects and outing that ignite me and gets me challenged. The movie was a three-hour affair while this show would go on for a longer time span. As a show, we’ve got ample chance to show the intricate details and emotions that are associated with surrogacy which the movie could not pack it all in itself. That is precisely what got me signing this serial.

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As your last character was in a gray shade (Tapasya in Uttaran) and comparatively this character is completely different, so how do you find a balance between these two characters?

Rashami: I am actress and I love playing different characters, many be next time you’ll see playing me completely out of the box characters. From the current character Shorvori in Dil Se Dil Tak, I have learned a lot, I have seen the ground reality of what happens with a woman when she can’t have a baby.  

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There were rumours of you dating your co-star and now, of you being difficult to work with on the serial sets. Do you think publicity of any sorts works well for any show or serial?

Sidharth: See, when I sign up a project, I sign it as an actor and I stick to acting and delivering my best. Nobody likes to be written about anything more than their work and we surely do not indulge in anything that would get the rumour mills churning. After all, I get paid to act and no one’s giving me any extra money get the rumours running! (laughs).


What are you planning on doing next?

Rashami: I would love to do a biopic. I don’t know whose but, yeah I would love to do one if it is offered to me.

Sidharth: Nothing as of now, apart from this show. But you never know!

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