Raped At Seven, This Media Student From Ranchi Pens A Hard Hitting Note On Facebook

Udita was sexually abused by a very close relative, slut shamed in school and was judged just because she had an erotica blog.

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Looks like The Indian Fowler, the woman behind the viral blog post accusing TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar of molestation, has forced other victims of sexual abuse to speak up. Rumour has it that in less than three days, at least 50 women have come forward and have complained against Arunabh.

Taking a cue from the unfortunate TVF incident, Udita Pal, a media student and an erotica blogger from Ranchi also took to Facebook to give an account of the tragic incidents that traumatised her, throughout the childhood.

This is her Facebook post:

I was just 7 when I was raped for the first time or molested or physically exploited whatever you want to call it. Just 7, a seven-year-old kid use to give blow jobs to someone because that person made her believe that it was some game. The worst part is, that person was a very close relative. I remember how my mother once left me with my uncle and when everyone left he said, 'I will play your son, you be a mother' and he sucked my breast for hours, and these things continued for a while. When I watched porn for the first time, came to know about things like rape, consent, etc. I was shocked and lost. Every night flash back use to hit me (they still do)

I remember getting brutally thrashed by my father for not saying tables correctly, he probably was doing it for my benefit, but I never loved him, I always feared him. I still do. I remember how mentally and emotionally he used to torture my mother until and unless she showed him that if she does what he do to her, he won't be able to survive.

I have horrible memories of being slut-shamed after I dated someone in my school. There are so many horrible memories I hold in the back of my head. From not getting call back after having a one night stand to having sex with committed guys to going out with a married man (I didn't know he was married)

Sometimes I think these guys were wrong, I should get justice, but there have been instances where I triggered them, and once they started making moves, I backed out. I have some weird history with men, I have been exploited by different age groups in the various countries at various places.

I remember being harassed by CEO of a failed Startup while I was doing a freelance project, I remember my landlord trying to molest me initially when I moved to Bangalore also, how numerous people judge me every day because I run an erotica blog.

For a long while, I ignored these events, too scared to raise my voice. I Thought society would reject me, the question was, society ever accepted me in the first place? That's when I realised that one needs to step out of their comfort zone and talk about what all is going wrong with them and their life. It can be getting raped by husband or depression or sexual advances your professors is trying to make on you. Everything starts when you speak out, but you have to speak out the right away. If you want justice, court and lawyers will help you, not bunch of people who will write a couple of open letters, change their DPs, uninstall certain apps as the form of protest.

She also said that she broke the news of childhood trauma to her family almost 12 years later. Moreover, she has also urged other victims to come out of the closet and speak up on their grievances.

More power to you, lady!

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