Toddler Dies Waiting As Ranchi Hospital Refuses To Perform CT Scan For Rs 50 Less!

There have been multiple allegations of negligence against the hospital in the past.

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A 1 year old boy died in the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi on Monday, because his father was short of Rs 50 for the CT scan.

The hospital refused to perform the scan because Shyam’s father was short of Rs 50. Shyam was brought to the hospital on Sunday after he suffered a head injury from a fall he took while playing.

After the preliminary check-up, the doctors at RIMS suggested a CT scan to reveal the extent of the injury. The boy was taken to the scanning section, where his father was asked to deposit Rs 1350 for the scan. Unfortunately, the father just had Rs. 1300 with him at that point. Despite his requests to accept the payment and start the medical examination while he arranged the remaining amount, the hospital allegedly refused to perform the scan until the entire amount was deposited.

The 1 year old Shyam died waiting for the scan.

On being contacted, the RIMS director, BL Sherwal, refused the allegations saying, “They (parents of the child) had consulted a local doctor before coming to RIMS. He was admitted at 7.30pm and died within an hour due to internal head injuries. We do CT scan free of cost in emergency cases, they might have gone to a private diagnostic centre.”

However, this is not the first case of medical negligence at RIMS. In December 2015, an emergency meeting was called to rein in doctors who were slacking. This was after two accident patients were left unattended in the hospital’s emergency ward for several hours as there were no doctors at night.

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It is hard to say if the hospital learnt from its mistakes. In 2016, when a woman in labor was admitted to the hospital, she was told within a few hours that the foetus had died in the womb. In spite of that the foetus wasn’t removed from her womb for another two days, as the doctor in charge wanted to induce normal delivery of the dead foetus. This allegedly worsened her condition.

The opposition parties have expressed concern over the state’s poor healthcare scenario. In some cases, families were not even provided an ambulance to carry a dead body home.

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