This Ramzan RSS Will Offer A Glass Of Milk To All The Muslims In UP To End Their Roza

The majority of the people have welcomed this news. It may help bring the tensions down in the region.

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On Ramzan this month, RSS' Muslim wing will organise iftars on Fridays in Uttar Pradesh to serve only cow milk and its products for the diffusion of 'save the cow' message so that the beef consumptions decreases.

According to a report published in huffingtonpost, national co-convenor (organisation) of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Mahiraj Dhwaj Singh, said that it will be the first time where people who observe Roza (fast), will be ending it with a glass of cow's milk.

The vision behind the making on MRM in 2002 by the RSS chief KS Sudarshan was to allow the Sangh to reach out to Muslims.

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The senior MRM office bearer said, "All living beings (animals, birds, trees and plants) owe their existence to Allah. If we adopt a humane approach towards them, we will incur His blessings, during Ramzan, prayers will be held. A message to end animosity and spread love, bonhomie and brotherhood will be disseminated. Message to uphold the unity and integrity of the nation will be spread. Programmers will be held to pledge for the development of the country while upholding its sovereignty".

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President of Lucknow-based Pasmanda Muslim Samaj, a Muslim organisation, Waseem Raini welcomed the move and said, "if different sweets such as pedhaa and other edible items made using cow's milk are served during iftar, we have no objections. This will eventually increase the bonhomie and brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims".

Information Source: huffingtonpost

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