This Ramazan, Get Rid Of All These Misconceptions

Ramazan is a month where people learn to live without greed and temptation. It is not a punishment of God.

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The most auspicious month of Ramzan has arrived, and as usual, the misconceptions have started to circle around Islam and Ramazan. People often raise questions like, how can Muslims survive without food and water? What if they don’t fast? Why is their religion is so cruel?

So, let’s see some very common misconceptions about Ramazan that you should discard right away.

Muslims dread of Ramazan

Well, there are many memes and videos on the internet that spoof and make jokes about the holy month of Ramazan and maybe that is the reason people often think that Muslims dread of Ramazan. However, every Muslim eagerly waits for this month the entire year to make an effort of becoming a good person.

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Muslims starve themselves for the entire month of Ramazan 

This is another huge misconception that people have when it comes to Ramazan. Actually, Muslims wake up before sunrise to eat their breakfast (mostly healthy things which help them stay energetic the whole day), called Suhoor or Sahari, followed by morning prayer and then they continue their day without food and water. After that, around sunset, they break their fast by having an Iftar most likely with dates as it is a huge source of energy, and also because Prophet Muhammad used to do the same. So this is followed the entire month.

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Others are not allowed to eat in front of a Muslim during Ramazan

It is a just part of a good mannerism that you don’t eat in front of a person who is on a fast but this is not at all forbidden in Islam. Basically, this is what Ramazan is all about - controlling the temptation to become a better person. So it's allowed to eat in front of a Muslim during Ramazan.

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If a Muslim accidentally eats during fast then the fast is broken

Ramazan is a month where people learn to live without greed and temptation. It is not a punishment which God wants, so during fast if any Muslim eats or drinks something by mistake it is completely all right and the person can continue the fast. According to a saying of Prophet Muhammad, "whoever forgets that he is fasting and eats or drinks, let him complete his fast, for the one who fed him and gave him to drink was Allah".

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Ramazan is all about staying starved

As we mentioned earlier Ramazan is a month where people learn to live without greed and temptation. Ramazan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and is called as the holy month because in this month Prophet Mohamed received the first revelations of the Quran (Holy book of Muslims). Every Muslim during Ramazan refrains from bad habits such as smoking, cursing, gossiping, etc. However, Ramazan is an opportunity to get to know ourselves. And God wants to make Ramazan a lifestyle, not just an occasion.

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