The Untold Love Story! A Movie Soon On The Love Life Of Rajeev Gandhi And Sonia Gandhi

The film will narrate the story of a young man from the country's "royal" family and an Army Man's daughter.

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India has seen some iconic love stories in the past. No, we're not talking about Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu or Soni-Mahiwal. We're talking about the real love sagas. The stories where lovers united, irrespective of their caste, creed and even nationality.And the most famous example was the love story of the former Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. While people know very little about their relationship, there might soon be a film about the same.

Actor Karanveer Bohra is all set to produce a film titled Ijazat which narrates the love story of a young man from the "royal" family and an army man's daughter.

Source: Mid Day 

This story is said to be loosely based on the lives of  Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi! The young and attractive couple met in Italy and instantly fell in love. What followed, was the interesting events of letting the family members know of their relationship and later sealing the deal.

Karanveer in an interview said, "I was browsing the Internet and stumbled on this episode. I was mesmerized by his demeanor. It was heartening to hear how he spoke about Soniaji.I admired the way he [Rajiv] spoke about mustering the courage to ask his mother Indira Gandhiji, for permission [to marry]".

Karanveer, himself will play the character of Rajiv while actress Priya Banerjee will be onscreen Sonia Gandhi.

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