Rajasthan’s Satiyaa Community, Where Death Means Happiness For This Tribe!!!

Meet Satiyaa community from Rajasthan who rejoices in death, which is believed to be the Happiest events in their lives.

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Breaking the usual norm of the world, where people mourn on death, the Satiyaa community from Rajasthan actually rejoices in it! Deaths actually are one of the happiest events in their lives while they treat births as occasions of great grief.

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The communities live in temporary shelters along roadsides and in empty spaces. They rely solely on disposing off the dead bodies of cattle from the roads.

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While the tribe is illiterate, they grieve on births! On asking what the reason of this unusual behavior is, the people of the gypsy tribe answered that when someone dies he is free of all the materialistic things and is free from the cruel world!

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On the occasion of someone's demise the people said that, "We wear fresh garments, buy sweets, dry fruits and local liquor on the occasion,” The dead body is taken to crematorium in a procession of dancing and twisting groups of near and dears on the tune of drums. After the funeral pyre is lit, members from the tribe arrange a feast, consume locally brewed liquor and dance with vigour until the body is completely reduced to ashes.

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While on the other hand, if a family has a new member the tribe mourns and pities the member, since once their innocence is lost they will realize the world is not a good place for anyone.

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The satiyaa is community is known for their addiction of liquor and what makes them unique and different from other tribes is after a death in the community, the funeral and cremation of the deceased becomes an event of celebration.

What makes this tribe is unusual is even being illiterate; the tribe knows the exact value of a person. On the other hand though, this gypsy tribals have a very bad addiction to liquor and the women are also known to have indulged in prostitution activities.

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The tribe believes that afterlife is happier and more satisfying than the present one, since one will be free from all the tensions and responsibilities of this world. During births, no celebration takes place in their families since they are firm believers that world is cruel for anyone living here and they pity the new comers.

Breaking the usual norms, this tribe is definitely something unusual which tell us the real truth of life!

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