Rajasthan To Introduce An Alternative To Green Tea

This unique tea blend can help prevent cancer and heart related problems.

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All you green tea lovers, here’s something new to look forward to. Rajasthan will soon be providing the country an alternative for green tea- a tea brewed from olive leaves.

According to Prabhu Lal Saini, the Agriculture minister for Rajasthan, the tea would be launched under the brand name Olita-The Olive Tea, at the hands of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

In an interview with PTI he said, “It will be the first time in the country and the world that a green tea alternative will be produced out of olive leaves.” Saini, who holds a PhD in Agriculture himself, told that knowing the health benefits of olives, he ordered a few tests that confirmed the presence of several anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and other such substances in olive leaves.

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Luteolin (which is an oxygen scavenger), another substance found in olives is helpful in suppressing bacteria - induced inflammation. The studies conducted also suggest that the strong anti-oxidants found in olive leaves can help prevent several types of cancer including blood cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

Saini also said, “It will medically benefit those who suffer from mental stress, cardiac disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.”

The green tea produced using leaves of the olive tree will not only be helpful for heart patients but will also help farmers get additional income, said the Agriculture Minister of Rajasthan.

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In 2005-06, olives from Israel were introduced in Rajasthan for the first time and since then, around 5000 acres of land in the state has been cultivated with olives for the principle purpose of producing oil. A refinery has been set in Lunkaransar, Bikaner, where the processing of the leaves is going on. The state government has also sought assistance from the major olive producing countries like Spain, Morocco, Israel, Italy and Brazil.

The Rajasthan government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private company for marketing and selling of the olive tea and the company is supposed to share a part of the profit with the state government.

This unique tea would be available in several popular flavors like lemon, ginger and tulsi. Olita- The Olive Tea would be hitting the stores by the end of this month.

Information and title image source : hindustantimes

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