Rajasthan Doctor Prescribes A Dose Of Hanuman Chalisa Along With Medicines

Most of his patients come to him after having visited quacks, says the doctor.

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Dr. Dinesh Sharma might look like just another doctor to you. But visit him for any illness and you’ll know he’s not. Visit him for any illness and he will do what even the quacks wouldn’t do. In a long list of medical prescriptions, you’ll find ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ as the last item in the same illegible handwriting!

Yes, you read that right. Dr. Sharma is that one doctor who makes happen the infamous scene from Bollywood where the doctor tells the folks of the patient, ‘Ab bas Bhagwan hi bacha sakta hai inhe.’

And lo, the patient is fine. But that’s Bollywood and this, well, reality.

While India is a land of various religions and faiths, prayers and poojas are highly regarded. Non-believers may smirk at the idea, but Dr. Sharma believes that’s how it works for the people in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district.

Dr. Sharma prescribes reading Hanuman Chalisa and visiting the temple of the deity as a part of the remedy. A copy of his prescription is out on the social media and people cannot stop being astonished about this quirky cure.

Shekhar, a television repair mechanic visited Sharma for stomach ache issues. The first four prescriptions consisted of medicines for medication. But it was the fifth prescription that left him and us, stumped. The fifth one prescribed reading the holy book every day along with visiting the temple and attending aartis.

Aged 69, Sharma was a senior government physician before he took voluntary retirement in 1998. He went on to set up his own clinic on the railway station road, at Ranjeet Nagar. The clinic is open for the visit twice a day. Sharma says since most of his patients are from villages, he adds a dose of spiritual solution for ‘quick recovery’.

 “I do this for psychological satisfaction of the patients,” says Sharma. “Spirituality makes the recovery faster -- the medicines work better for patients who have the psychological will to get well.”

It is common for Sharma to add this “dose” for most of his patients.

Most of his patients come to him after having visited quacks, says the doctor.

“They have already taken medicines from quacks in rural areas. Some of them are ill due to stress. I advise them to visit temple and read Hanuman Chalisa to relieve their stress, which makes them feel better,” Sharma adds.

Information & images source: hindustantimes

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