Raise A Toast To Comedy: Stand Up Comedians Who Are Making Waves On Youtube

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Gone are the days of Comedy Circus and their slapstick comedy. Yes it was indeed a golden era with ace jesters like Raju Shrivastav and Sunil Pal, but the laughter landscape changed with the advent of Youtube channels and video podcasts giving rise to a new generation of Stand up comedians whose take on life and people will tickle everyone’s funny bone! Here are the most sought after artists who are doing amazing work with their videos, shows and podcasts!

1. Kalyan Biswa Rath


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The greatest feat in this field is to be able to laugh at you yourself, and Biswa does just that. The Oriya guy is full of cruel jokes made on the middle class and all subjects around it which are invariably true, hard hitting and absolutely hilarious!

2. Kenny Sebastian


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The heartthrob of girls Kenny is double package with all the good looks and "he plays the guitar". Kenny shot to fame after stints at the Canvas Laughter club and has many videos dedicated to the Indian Lifestyle!

2. Kanan Gill

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Initially he teamed up with Biswa for the Pretentious Movie Reviews and also did a series ‘Most ------ Ever’. Both did really well and Kanan is one of the most popular guys on this block.

3. Atul Khatri, Sorabh Pant, Sapan Verma and Angad Singh (EIC)

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East India Comedy has a huge team and specially comedians Atul Khatri and Angad Singh who attack the social ills in a funny way and have done many EIC outrage episodes together have a huge fan following. Sorabh Pant is another gem from EIC who has a huge twitter following. Sapan Verma is more like an individual artist and also started with Canvas but now plays a major role in EIC. The Ghanta Awards are their contribution too.

4. Khamba, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya (AIB)


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Now these are the guys who need no introduction. They came from humble beginnings as the ROYAL TURDS and then went on to make comedy a full time thing with AIB. Amazing videos, hilarious Podcasts, India’s one and only Roast, and having the balls to endure the flak it faced and still going great guns with ON AIR WITH AIB to take on politicians and issues!

5. Kaneez Surka, Aditi Mittal

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Ladies are fewer as compared to male comedians but these two are great at what they do. They bring a feminine flavor to the stage whenever they perform. While Aditi collaborates with AIB and others, Kaneez Surka is also a known face and has done videos with Kanan and Biswa.

6. Bhuvan Bam


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BB ki Vines is the new hit where he has done many videos on various issues playing multiple characters simultaneously. This guy definitely has a whacky sense of humour!

7. Sahil Shah

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Sahil Shah again is very popular with the ladies. He is the chocolate boy comedian who always hitting under the belt better known as the character Sahil Bulla! He has a Bow Tie fashion sense which is famous on Facebook and Twitter amongst his followers. His Snapchat puns on harry Potter are doing rounds these days and he is really innovative!

8. Abhish Mathew

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He started on YouTube with Punliners and went on to do Son of Abhish which was welcomed and much appreciated. His Catholic jokes make him an important part of AIB too.

9. Tanmay Bhat

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Recently this guy sparked a furious debate about the line comedians must maintain when he did Snapchats on Sachin and Lata Mangeshkar. While people are still divided on whether he went too far, comedians believe that all was in good faith and that India now needs to step up towards some sportiness.

Right from single videos to performing together to having a blast at the Youtube Fanfest this year these guys are selling like hot cakes! If you are still unaware of these talented artists, make sure you Youtube them as soon as possible cause you are missing out on a lot!

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