Meet Rain Dove, The Androgynous Model Kicking Gender Stereotypes Right In The You-Know-Where!

Posing for both men's and women's wear, Rain Dove is an example in embracing your uniqueness and rocking it like a boss!

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Gender-specific fashion should never have been a thing. But, thanks to the twisted, conformist world we live in, dainty dresses are for people with breasts and well-tailored suits go on the broad-shouldered beard owners. And God save you if you have both breasts and broad shoulders!

Busting all of these myths is the American model Rain Dove, who models both for men's and women's clothing. 


MEN vs WOMEN #Olympic Swimming- one of the few sports where "men" bare more skin then "women". Because of Instagram guidelines And cultural titty shaming I had to stand with the towel over my chest for the men's outfit. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Photo 2/5 in this series addressing how men and women are treated differently via what they wear for the same sports. Some are due to practicality and design. Some are plain Sexploitation. Every sport is different and some things may surprise you. In this instance- "men" and "women" both used to wear full body suits equally. But then the body suits were banned as it was determined that some suits were so well designed that they gave too much of an advantage to the male swimmer. So now men wear speedos and jammers. Women wear full body not because of shame but because it's designed for their bodies. READY for the NEXT sport side by side comparison? It will be up shortly! Your support keeps me going! (Also note- speedos are most commonly worn in competitive diving now not swimming- as jammers are preferred) #wetandwild #justkeepswimming #genderreveal #tomboy #tomgirl #tomthing #swimming #lgbt #qpia #hetero #ittybittytittycommittee ????@markwijs

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Born in Vermont, Rain is blessed with an enviable jaw line and a lanky 6'2" frame, which, sadly, made her the target of transphobic and sexist jokes back in school.

In an interview to Buzzfeed, she said, "There are sorority girls and then there are girls that are in action movies like Sigourney Weaver. I just thought I was an action kind of woman.”

Eventually, she decided to take her look in her stride. She realised, working as a firefighter in Colorado, that being perceived as masculine opened many doors for her that were closed to women.

"You don’t want to be the one stuck with ‘Helga who can’t carry the chainsaw.’ There was just this perception that women couldn’t ‘step to it’ as much as the guys. I went under a pseudonym and nobody even asked if I was trans or gay; they just thought I was a guy. I lived a year like that."

She turned this uniqueness of hers into what she calls 'gender capitalism', modelling for both men's and women's wear when the opportunity presented itself.


Sometimes I like lace panties. Sometimes I like briefs. It's my body. My genitalia. And I'll cover it however I damn please. ------------------------- My first ever "queer friendly" #humanagenda brand commercial is coming out this week for @tomboyx . Ethical fair wages, responsible fabric sourcing, diverse marketing, and the garments are for all sizes. And it's not just for "queer" individuals- it's for all people. This is NOT a paid post. I just am saying this because I'm damned proud to be able to support them. ???????????????????????????????? #nakedtruth #genderfluid #lgbtq #pia #h #lovewins #bodyisnotaprison #tomboy #tomboystyle #halfinchdick #temporarypost #genderisntsomethingthatcantbedefined #irandomlystandinwarehouseswearingverylittle

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Growing up, Rain thought of herself as an "ugly woman", which goes to show how much effort she has had to put in to come on her own as a model. She chanced upon a casting call for a Calvin Klein show, except that she was listed among the male models. She decided to give it a go, and God are we grateful for it!


Male, female, anything in between- if you're a human then reading or hearing news of the #HB2 law should concern you. That's why tomorrow APRIL 17th I'm at Moore Square in Raleigh, NC organizing a super special demonstration to fight this oppressive law. If you are from NC and want to join then DM me or click the link in the bio. If you just want to see the change happen then also click the link in bio! There will be a shocking and emotional but fun LIVESTREAM link from 3-5pm EST of what we are doing. Please show up one way or another. This is what we are here to do- love the life we live. These laws are dropping not just protections for #LGBT individuals- but also minimum wage requirements. Which means no matter your sex, sexuality, or race avenues are being opened to exploit you to work harder for less setting you up to not be able to retire and to live a minimum wage lifestyle. We the people deserve fair wages and treatment! #forfuturebabiessonopressure #lgbt #hetero #lesbian #gay #transgender #cis #activism #frolicfrolicfrolic ???? @sierrajiminez my ????????????

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"Gender is a social construct you don't have to fit into", says Rain, adding that, "there are people who will love you. There are people who will accept you. Wear what the fuck you want."

We can get behind that, and we leave you with these glorious pictures of Rain Dove to make it through the week!


We are _____________. #blackandwhite @zzhiwei

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A big shoutout to Rain Dove for giving us all kinds of #goals!

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