Railway Officials To Give Up Travel Privileges Putting An End To The VIP Culture!

The instructions are directed towards members of the 50 divisions.

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Some may want to call it an effect of Modi’s ‘Achhe Din’ while some may just nod in agreement diplomatically. Call it whatever but the new announcement from the Railway ministry is a move made to restrain the “privileged culture” or the “VIP status”.

In an order passed on September 28, the Railway ministry announced that certain “protocols’ will be scrapped for good. For instance, the 36-year-old tradition of the obligatory presence of all general managers on the arrival and departure of the Railway Board chairman along with the other board members during the zone visits.

Furthermore, the officials are now to abstain from receiving any kind of gifts and bouquets at any point of time.

While speaking to Times of India, Railway board chairman, Ashwani Lohani says, “Senior officials will also have to exercise restraint at home. They will have to relieve the railway staff engaged as the domestic help at their homes.”

 Source: mediaindia

Also, around 30,000 trackmen who have been who have been working as domestic helps in the homes of senior officials are now directed to resume their duties.

“No one will be exempt from the directive to rejoin work except under very special circumstances. We are hoping that all the staff will join work shortly,” a senior official of the ministry said.

Railway minister Piyush Goyal has ordered the senior officials to ditch the privilege of travelling in executive class and the travel perks that come along. They are advised to travel be either the Sleeper class or AC Three-tier class.

The instructions are directed towards members of the Railway Board, general managers of railway zones and divisional railway managers in each of the 50 divisions.

“I believe that when these protocols were in place, people drafting them would have seen some reasoning behind them. It is difficult for me to say what they were though. However, now, these have no logic,” said a former railway board member.

Information source: thebetterindian

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