Rahul Deshpande Resurrects The Ghazal In BhaDiPa's 'Music Diaries'

We will be eternally grateful to Rahul Deshpande and BhaDiPa for bringing ghazals back to the fore!

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Many of us associate ghazals and Jagjit Singh with a generation gone by, with middle aged men lounging in their easy chairs with a whiskey in hand on a lazy Sunday evening. Or with the 'hipster' crowd intent on standing out with their professed love of everything old and everything Urdu.

Used to seeking instant gratification, even in our music, we have forgotten to appreciate nuances, of the seamless union of poetry and music, of the wealth of meaning and expression, that is the ghazal. 

Marathi YouTube channel Bharatiya Digital Party's Music Diaries with Rahul Deshpande reminds us of this beauty that has gone missing from our lives. While most of us know Rahul Deshpande primarily as a classical singer, BhaDiPa's first musical web series presents the singer to us in a hitherto unheard avatar.

The first episode of this new show has three parts. In the first part, Rahul talks about his tryst with ghazals, and his love for Jagjit Singh, the legend synonymous with ghazal singing in India. This part presents a well-known nazm, or song, 'Baat Niklegi To', penned by Kafeel Aazer.

Rahul is ably accompanied by Ritesh Ohol on the guitar and Anay Gadgil on the keyboard. 

After this heavenly rendition, the second part has Rahul talking about his first time listening to Jagjit Singh live. Not many of us have had the good fortune of hearing the maestro live, but Rahul's own rendition of 'Tum Itnaa Jo Muskura Rahe Ho', written by Kaifi Azmi, is as close to approaching that divine experience as one gets!

Haven't had enough? Neither have we. The third part has Rahul Deshpande singing 'Sarakti Jaye Rukh Se', penned by Amir Minai- a lively Jagjit Singh piece.

Such sheer poetry, this!

How can one settle for music that's any less than this magnificence, any more?

Stay tuned to BhaDiPa's YouTube channel for more musical gems!

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