9 Quirky Nicknames Of Coffee That You Might Have Never Heard Of!

A lot can happen over a coffee and can happen to its name as well.

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Do you claim yourself to be a coffee lover? If yes, then we assume that you might know these eccentric nicknames that are associated with coffee. But if not, then allow us to give you a little knowledge on it.

1. Red Eye

It’s an American style drip coffee which has a shot of espresso added to it.

2. Black Eye

A combination of regular coffee with two shots of espresso.

3. Green Eye

Also referred as triple death and dead eye, the three shots of espresso just makes this coffee into one deliciously powerful energy-giving drink.

4. Cafe Zorro 

Very much similar to Americano, double espresso or doppio is added into the hot water by the proportionate ratio of 1:1.

5. Melange

A Wiener Melange is a coffee which is very much similar to cappuccino. It’s topped with whipped cream.

6. Dirty Chai 

A popular espresso drink made of masala chai and a shot of espresso, this coffee type stands out in its own way.

7. Yuanyang

Yuanyang tea is a popular drink in Hong Kong that combines the flavour of both coffee and tea.

8. Eiskaffee

German-style coffee blended with iced coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream.

9. Miame Vice

Fancy as it sounds, the perfect blend of americano, Cubano coffee, hot water, and sugar makes this drink fancier.

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