7 Quirky Food-Pairs That Are Beyond One’s Imagination

Coffee in a cone, soup in a bread bowl and more such interesting combinations.

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Food is a new canvas which gives you an opportunity to exhibit your culinary skills and artistic flair. Well, it seems that someone was not good at both and randomly incorporated food items which turned out to be splendidly brilliant. 

1. Soup in a bread bowl:

source: veggieonapenny

2. Hot dogs in pizza crust:

source: washingtonpost

3. Ice-cream in a donut:

source: thecuriousscreamery

4. Cookies in brownies:

source: yourcupofcake

5. Duck in a chicken in a turkey:

source: pinsdaddy

6. Coffee in a waffle cone:

source: culinaryenvy

7. Chocolate pasta:

source: editorailmonica

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Shruti Mendulkar (WRITER)

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