This Teachers' Day Video Featuring PV Sindhu Is The Perfect Thank You To All The Mentors Who Believed In Us

This video by Gatorade salutes every mentor/coach who pushed their students to bring out their best.

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The first thing I saw today morning was this video by Gatorade, featuring PV Sindhu and her coach Pullela Gopichand, beautifully describing the relationship between a student and her/his mentor. Inspired by this video I thought why not pen down how the teacher-student relationship develops in a Post Graduate scenario. So, here it goes.

If you ask me about one experience that defines my Masters course, it would be writing my dissertation.  The 3rd semester began with the pressure of having a dissertation topic and choosing the right guide. For a person like me, who is scared of writing, penning down an entire dissertation was nothing less than a nightmare.

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I had a slight idea about the novel and the perspective that I wanted to work on and I knew who I wanted to work with. Having chosen a demanding professor as my guide, I was preparing myself for all the hard work that was to follow.

“Read anything and everything you can find,” is what he had told me in our very first dissertation meeting. Having studied with him before, I knew that my reading list was going to be unending! Want to write? Read! Can’t write? Read! This was my mantra, and oh boy, did it help me!

There were days when I woke up in the middle of the night just to pen down an argument that came to my mind on sticky note, so that I don’t forget. This is how my dissertation started taking shape. It began as a 250-word writeup on what topic interests me and why, slowly developing into a 30-page dissertation, and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and open-minded guide (because only I know how much I bothered him with my constant doubts!)

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Yes, there were moments when I hated my guide for the amount of reading he gave me, for the crazy deadlines, but thinking of those moments in retrospect, I’m just grateful! Because even in the moments I hated him, or wanted to give up, he was the only one who believed in me.

The four months of hard work and the 20 rough drafts, all seemed to be worth it when my guide approved of my work and said, “Keep it up, it’s good work! I’m proud of you”

Thank you so much sir, for everything!

Here’s the video that's a perfect salute to every mentor who believed in you even when you didn't believe in yourself.

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