Puretta's Flagship Product Promises To Clean Poop Particles Off Your Toothbrush

This solar-powered toothbrush holder can be a godsend for all those hygiene freaks out there!

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Are you the kind who’s anxious about their hygiene all the time?

The kind to wash your hands twice just because you touched a public door knob or someone around you sneezed and you could almost see the germs flying towards you?

If yes, then have you wondered about the hygiene of your toothbrush - which is much in proximity and most of the times kept inside the bathroom of your apartment? What about the germ accumulation of poop particles around your toothbrush?

If that made your glance at your toothbrush in horror, then you might want to reach out for ‘Kickstarter for Puretta’ to put your concerns to rest.

 Source: gadgetify

Puretta is a wall attachment which is a toothbrush holder and a toothpaste and a floss dispenser. It claims to sterilize your toothbrushes with a 253.7 nm UV light (germicidal light) and has a solar panel for charging.

The germicidal lights are found in many laboratories for sterilization of water. The light deactivates the DNA of the microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, which helps sterilize the toothbrushes.

According to a study by the American Society for Microbiology in 2015, at least 60% of the toothbrushes from communal bathrooms were contaminated with fecal coliforms. The disgusting part however is that 80% of the times the fecal coliforms did not belong to the toothbrush owner. Gross!

 Source: kickstarter

Puretta appears to be a flagship product of Puretta Technology. Although the retail prices have not been disclosed, the early bird pledges expect it to cost around $60 to $75. 

Who would've thought that our humble toothbrush could be infested and how, by the poop particles! But for an invention like this, I'll let them take my money. All my money!

Information & title image source: theverge

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