Punjab Moves To Supreme Court Against #UdtaPunjab

Punjab Moves To Supreme Court Against #UdtaPunjab

#UdtaPunjab, UdtaPunjab, Punjab Moves To Supreme Court

Udta Punjab is fast becoming a synonym for controversy. The film has found itself in the eye of yet another storm with another petition being filed on Wednesday by a Punjab NGO, alleging that the film shows the state in a bad light.


Clearly in sympathy with the Censor Board verdict on the film, the petition says that the Haryana Court should not interfere with the CBFC decision regarding films.



The CBFC had rightly ordered the removal of 'objectionable' material as well as any references to Punjab from the film and its title,said Subramaniam Prasad, a representative from the NGO.

Amidst all the controversy, the film is gearing up for release on 17th June.

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