Public Speaking - The Ultimate Tool To Self Confidence

Scared of public speaking ?Then Relax.Here we provide you an essential tip to get rid of this self claimed restriction.It is a tool to build confidence.

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“I do not have the confidence to take to the mike on the stage.” We often get to hear this lamentation from many. Perhaps we have all been in that place sometime. And yet what I am sharing with you today is exactly opposite.

My years of experience on the stage and in the counselling centre has led me to this amazing realization, “The one who can stand confident on a platform and address an audience would develop great confidence to face many situation in life.”

You doubt me? Give it a try. Get on the stage and see the feeling you get once you are done. It is a feeling that can perhaps be paralleled only with that of conquering the world. I have been doing it for 20 years now, but the feeling is same every time I know I have been able to hold the attention of the audience and have been able to deliver something that they would cherish (and that I did not falter much and could survive without getting hooted out!!!).

It has often been observed that people with loads of money, high qualifications, glamour and popularity and even more are no very confident when it comes to addressing even a small group or in situations of confrontations. The more I observe this phenomenon, the more I am convinced that none of the above mentioned factors build up the much-needed confidence automatically. This again proves my contention that when parents and teachers push youngsters only towards earning a degree and then making a lot of money they are send unprepared individuals into the real world.

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Coming back to our main point. Try to build up your public speaking skills. It can help you overcome many of your personality issues. A regular public speaker needs to essentially work on improving their language, knowledge base, presentation skills and grooming. In addition being in a public domain essentially means frequent forced interaction with people from various walks of life. These compulsions on the life of a public speaker leads to consistent improvement and overall development. All this put together eventually sets the self- confidence soaring.

Where do you practice?- There are opportunities galore around us. If you are a student there are the seminars and workshops and annual days that requires guest introduces, Masters of Ceremonies, thanks givers and compères. If you are working there are at least monthly meets if not more- official presentations, guest speaker engagements, employee engagement programs and many more. At any of these programs you can start by volunteering for small roles like guest introduction or program introduction or the vote of thanks which you can even start with reading out verbatim from a paper. Every time you do it you realize that you are not as bad as you had feared, and better still, no one laughs or makes fun of you either. Each small step would add together to take you to the supreme level of confidence you always dreamt of.

There are of course of public speaking classes but more than those I would rather recommended being a member of organizations like the Indian Jaycees and Toast Masters Clubs that are devoted towards bringing out the best in the individual. You can even set up your own speakers club at your university or in your office.

Every step is worth it. If you wish to forever overcome your fears, anxieties, complexes and self esteem issues PUBLIC SPEAKING is one sure shot to it.

Dr.Sapna Sharma is a renowned Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach from Nagpur. Visit her website here

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