Hell Of A Drinking Game: Pub In Delhi Will Offer A Pint Of Beer Or Shot Of Tequila Every Time Modi Says, ‘Mitron’!

31st Celebrations just got exciting!

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People who are busting their a** off to plan the perfect 31st party, there just might be a perfect solution to settle it. With the whole nation getting anxious over Narendra Modi’s big announcement on 31st, a certain pub decided to turn this event into a fantastic drinking game. Yes, you heard it right!

"Social" have decided to stream this event live and every time Mr. Modi says the word ‘Mitron’, the club will offer a pint of beer or a shot of liquor at all of their outlets in Delhi. How cool is that?

A Representative at Social Offline was quotes as saying, “We are currently considering doing it, but it is subject to the authorities' discretion. The special offer will be valid for half an hour between 7.30 pm and 8 pm.”

Source: scoopwhoop

He further said, “People should not listen to him when drunk, they will not remember what Modiji said. He might have important things to say, so people should be sober, and be able to pay attention to what they are saying. Our party is fully booked right now, with tickets completely sold out. We need our customers to be in a good mood. We don’t know what Modi will do next in terms of demonetization, so we have decided not to risk screening the address. Let people party leaving their worries behind.”

Get ready to add some spice to your party as well by following this hell of a game!

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