Why So Serious? Care For A Tour Of The Psyche Of Your Beloved Joker?

He is weird and unpredictable, uses his skills to create anarchy for his own entertainment, some may call him a sociopath while some may term him a psychopath.

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That useless card in the deck you throw away in many games, the one that you underestimate and keep free from all the restrictions of the rules of your games. Now, replace this card with a human from your society. Rings a bell, right?

He is weird and unpredictable, uses his skills to create anarchy for his own entertainment, some may call him a sociopath while some may term him a psychopath, he introduces chaos and in a true sense completes Batman. He is no one but The Joker!

But was it childhood trauma, bad luck, though life or mere behavioral pattern that led to the creation of this Evil Genius? Here we try cracking the psychological code:

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He says he 'became' a MONSTER and is quite vocal about it!

"Why should I apologise for the monster I have become? No one ever apologised for making me this way!" he says.

He has different stories for his scars and there are times when he mentions about having an abusive father. These stories hint at troubled childhood experiences and according to Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, these early experiences play an important role in the development of our personality. He shows symptoms like lack of guilt and empathy, he is a compulsive liar, he does not care about the rules and values of society and is known for having a persistent antisocial behavior. Enough reasons to term him a psychopath.


He brutally kills his co-criminals during the robbery, rubs salt in the wounds of a bed-ridden Harvey Dent(metaphorically!), tortures Barbara Gorden, murders Jason Todd and cruelly skins a man alive. These explosive outbursts of anger and violence may hint to him suffering from IED ( intermittent Explosive Disorder) characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.

He may seem anti-social but he has a cause that makes sense:

How come BATMAN cannot kill Joker? Well, he never will and the reason is they are fighting and ideological war opposite to each other's values. Two men face a horrible day in their lives and alter themselves in such a way that one becomes white and the other a dark side of the same coin - Humanity. Batman's fight is to bring justice in the world, he has emotions and morals and he believes that human race deserves to be saved. On the other hand, Joker's only major task at hand is to break Batman and his code of ethics. He knows Gotham considers Batman god and yet has a point to prove.

The Joker's prime objective is to drive Batman out of his limits and show people that a person can indeed break all morals and codes when things are at stake.

Need to put your thinking cap on? Why so serious?

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