This Is The Proper Way To Dispose Of The Indian National Flag After Republic Day!

Flag Code of India, 2002 mentions the law made for disposing of the Indian national flag.

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Yesterday, India celebrated its 69th Republic Day. Once again, Indians showed their patriotism by taking to streets, flaunting the national flag. 

Hoisting the Indian National Flag is a symbol of pride for every Indian across the world. But sadly, once the flag hoisting is done, the flags are seen in a dishonored state, days later. 

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However, destroying the national flag in an unrespectful manner is an offence.

Not many of us know what to do with the flags that are not useful anymore, let us see what our law says about it.

Flag Code of India, 2002

There are a set of rules which are mentioned in the code. These rules were made to avoid the disrespectful way of disposing of the flags.

Well, according to the code, there are two ways to dispose off the flag. One can either burn the flag or bury it.

While using the burning option, the proper way is to light up the fire and place folded flags in the fire silently, without displaying it in public.

If the flags are burned without folding then it is an affront of the National Flag and is considered as a legal offence.

To bury the flag, the code says that all flags should be folded, kept in a wooden box and then buried in a remote location.

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Although, the best way to dispose of the national flag in a respectful manner is to collect all the flags in a box and then bury it so as to avoid any environmental damage.

The Indian national flag is a not just a symbol of pride but is a sign of justice, equality, liberty, and loyalty. National flag holds thousands of martyrs solder’s dignity and sacrifices in it. 

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So, if you have bought flags, this Republic Day, make sure you dispose it off in a respectful manner by following proper rules. 

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