Priyanka Pours Her Heart Out On Twitter Over Nirbhaya’s Gang Rape Verdict

On the Nirbhaya case verdict, Priyanka express her thoughts on Twitter by posting a letter.

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It still sends chills down our spines when we talk about one of the most vicious, inhuman and infamous cases of our country- the Nirbhaya gang rape. The entire country was outraged in the year 2012 and was expecting a verdict that would stand by the dignity of a woman, and it did happen yesterday when, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentences of all four convicts involved in the heinous 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case.

The entire B-town applauded the apex court’s decision, many of them shared their views on it. But what moved us the most was Priyanka Chopra’s emotional letter which she posted last night after the announcement of the verdict. 

Yes, it has taken five long years, but today justice finally prevailed. The flame of this verdict should singe not just the dastardly four (of the other two, one is dead and one accused is a juvenile) but such perpetrators in India as well.

She added further, “I'm so proud of the justice system for hearing her voice.. in her dying declaration she appealed that her perpetrators not be spared."

This is not the first time Priyanka has involved herself for a humanitarian cause. As a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, Priyanka recently flew down to Zimbabwe to attend a fundraising event organized by them under #EndViolence against Children.


It’s the end of a long day of travel from NYC to Harare but I’m not tired…. In fact, I’m energized, waiting for dawn to break so I can set out on the journey of discovery that these amazing women and men have laid out for me. Meet Team @Unicef. Their passion and compassion is contagious and their hard work and dedication evident in everything I have just seen and heard in our meeting. We are here in Harare Zimbabwe on a field visit in the first part of my trip to Africa as part of our efforts to #EndViolence against Children. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunity to meet the courageous young survivors, their amazing caregivers and the teams that wake up every day and try to make the world a better place… one child at a time. I want to take you all on this journey with me, real time, and I hope you will join me here on these pages to bring awareness to some very important issues. Like, share, comment… do something. This is so very close to my heart, and know that every action (big or small) counts. #ThisTimeForAfrica #PeaCeLoveHope #foreverychild

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