Looks Like It Is The End Of The Road For Priyanka Chopra's Hollywood Dream; Quantico To Go Off Air

There has been a drastic dip in the ratings of the show.

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Priyanka's espionage drama Quantico which got her worldwide fame is dangling in low ratings and might soon be taken off air. The Cancel Bear, a television ratings tracking system in the US, has recently given the show only one bear in its ratings hinting towards its exit from the screens. The last two seasons were well received but the current one hasn't generated any great reviews thereby impending an untimely end.

According to the website's 'Bear Methodology', if a show gets one bear, it means 'Certain Cancellation' while two bears, which Quantico is currently at, means 'Likely Cancellation.' Quantico, which had a rating of 0.76, was moved to the Monday slot last month. However, the ratings have dipped further. Earlier two shows, Notorious and Conviction, were canceled with ratings 0.87 and 0.64 respectively.

The Cancel Bear states, "Quantico probably won't move much higher than its current ratings this season. It is what it is at this point, and that's a show ABC should cut ties with at season's end."

As per a review in Vulture, the plotline has become redundant: "We know theoretically that Alex is in danger, but she's never proven herself to be anything but capable under pressure. Her incredible ability to get herself out of any sticky situation has become a road bump in her character's story and it no longer feels like Alex is in danger, even when she is."

As reported by the Mid-Day, Chopra is doing everything in her capacity to keep the show going, including slashing her pay by half!

With Quantico, which won Chopra two Popular People's Choice awards, canceled by ABC, she will only be left with the Baywatch reboot opposite Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron to hold her ground in Hollywood.

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